Indivisible Principles

The current GOP agenda will take America backwards and must be stopped.

In order to work together to achieve this goal, we must model the values of inclusion, respect and fairness.

We are: 

* An arm of the national INDIVISIBLE movement.
* A nonpartisan coalition, focusing on common issues.
* Advocates for holding all elected officials accountable.
* People with a right - an obligation - to be active in our democratic process.

We Stand For:

* Justice - Economic, Political and Social.
* Security of civil rights for all.
* Promotion of civility in political and community activities.
* Protection of our planet for generations to come.

We Do:

* Provide information about political agendas and legislation.
* Communicate with public officials to assure that our voices are heard.
* Publicly demonstrate to raise public awareness of issues.
* Serve as an advocate, a platform, for common ground political action.